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2022 Desire Lines Massa Vineyard Kabi Riesling Carmel Valley - Desire Lines Wine Co.

2022 Desire Lines Massa Vineyard Kabi Riesling

This is a wine we’re thrilled about, and what we believe is the first Kabinett-style Riesling ever bottled in California. Our Massa Vineyard Kabi Riesling is precocious, bright, and lush. Lemon, green apple, and orange citrus are suffused with green herbal and floral essences. The palate is delicate and sorbet-like, with a lusciously lingering and stone-laced finished. We chose to stop this fermentation with cross-flow filtration rather than a strong dose of sulfur (typically 200 ppm), so I find this to be more expressively fruity and less reductive/savory than the typical Mosel Riesling.
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